The wind is changing

Gathering Storm story


There's something in the air. The wind is changing. A storm is looming. The entire world is on edge. You can feel it in your bones, in the center of your soul. You try to live a good and meaningful life but all around you, you see signs of the coming storm. Dark clouds gather. Thunder echoes from heaven. Is there really a God ? Is he angry ? Has he abandoned us ?


Gathering Storm is a musical movement headquartered in Oswego, Ny. The music has been labeled as a mix of pop rock and folk rock with a hint of country and even Christian.  The songs are all original and well produced with rich harmonies and creative effects. The message is timely and hopeful. The mission is to awaken our great nation in the midst of this coming storm. America is seeing trials and unrest like never before. Terrorist attacks, hurricanes, floods, racial divides, school and police shootings are normal in our nightly news.  What if we were all of one mind and one heart with one vision ? What if we stood up together to help the helpless, give hope to the hopeless and love the unlovable ? What if God is really who he says He is ? Let's wake up before the storm arrives. It's time !!!


One Nation, by Mike Phillips

Normally, when I write a song, it happens over a period of a couple hours or couple days. One Nation was different. I heard the one line, "one nation under God, one people with one heart" for several months before the rest of the song came through.

The first verse starts at the beginning of the United States and how we were established as a Christian nation 'under God' at our foundation. Although they were of different denominations, all of the founding fathers were Christian.




The second verse takes us through the Civil War and how we remained 'one nation under God' even though we were a divided nation.

The last verse brings us to today asking, where is God?

In 1962, the Supreme Court prohibited Bible reading and organized prayer in our schools. So the song asks "what happens when we push our God away?" And, will God ever just walk away ?

I hope the song stirs you and all America to wake up and stand up for who we really are. You don't have to be Christian to be American, that's for sure and it's part of our freedom. But if we are Christians, let's be that. As the world gets darker and more desperate and lost, we, as Christians can get brighter and more full of peace and joy, knowing who we are and where we're going when this amazing journey is over.


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